About Us

Education is a process of creating and facilitating the right atmosphere of learning that is desired both by the individual as well as institution.

Srihari Degree College is not just an educational institution, it is a commitment, a commitment towards building a new generation of smart and capable individuals, the custodians of the future.

One among the top twenty colleges in our state, Srihari Degree College has wide reputation for its quality of learning and a holistic approach towards grooming the students. Not just limited to the classroom-teaching, education in SrDC spans beyond curriculum and textbooks. It aims at developing character and thus moulding the personality of each student.

The efforts that the college has been relentlessly applying with the sole motto of offering high quality education through the years has helped in mentoring thousands of highly competent and motivated students to excel in respective fields and serve the society.

With renewed vigour and commitment, the college would like to reaffirm its commitment to the cause of education.

While initiating proactive and progressive learning tools and methods, the college aspires to sustain its vision of making Aurora synonymous with learning.

Always a front-runner, Srihari degree college is popular across the country as a trendsetter in the industry. An attribute that is instilled in each student of the college.


The milestone for Srihari Degree College was laid by a young man fresh from his graduation in Computer Science. Mr.Mannuru Rajashekar, rather than looking for a career in Industry, ventured into establishing an educational institution.

It was the year 2015, which is a landmark in the history of education field in India, when the Srihari Degree College was started with four Departments, sixty-two students and limited faculty members, at Rayachoty.Since then it is constantly progressing to make motivated students and staff engaged in active learning through the best use of modern technology. To develop young individuals who think, question and are curious through enquiry-based learning.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

"Making SrDC Synonymous with learning"

Our Mission

"To serve the nation as a Centre of Learning for the advancement and preservation of knowledge"

We help students assimilate the true meaning of education in the real sense enabling them to carve a niche for themselves in the society.Our approach not only makes them succeed in the competitive scenario, but teaches them the right attitude towards life so that they can become better citizens of the country.

  • The traditional student-teacher hierarchy is softened to allow interaction thus helping them to be open and autonomous.
  • Students are encouraged to involve in various social initiatives helping them to empathize and appreciate problems of human beings around.
  • Steps are taken to ensure that students develop as ethically responsible individuals with high levels of moral reasoning.
  • The students are nurtured to have professional values such as time bound action, to be responsible and accountable.
  • Students are helped to develop their confidence and high priority is given to self-esteem.
  • The college involves students in the institution building activities while participating in decision making as well as execution.
  • The students are facilitated to be seekers of education while designing one's own requirement in the learning process.
  • Students work as teams rather than individuals and constantly promote the student centered philosophy.
  • They learn through collaborative and group efforts thus making learning a community activity.
  • The college promotes the concept of versatility where students need to have multiple abilities beyond the text books and examinations